Mom gives baby 20 per cent of her liver - Needs help for sick daughter

July 28, 2017
2.Day after transplant
1.Rebecka on Monday
3.Leaving Jamaica last year


At 20 months old, little Rebecka Brady has been through a lot in her life. Born with a condition known as biliary atresia, Rebecka's life has been thrown into turmoil.

She recently underwent a life-saving operation, which saw her mom, Tracey-Ann Amore, giving her 20 per cent of her liver.

However, Rebecka is not yet out of the woods. She is currently doing therapy, breathing treatment, labs and is also taking several medication.

Amore has launched an appeal for help via GoFundMe, a crowd-funding website, seeking to raise US$15,000 (approximately J$1.9m) to help her ailing child. Since the account was launched on July 17, US$500 (approximately J$64,00) has been donated.

The money has been donated by Michael Foreman US$500, who wrote: "Sending our love from Oceans on the Ridge.. Rebecka's grandfather works as a gardener at the hilltop eating place.

"We need help so we can continue caring for her. As parents and family we cannot manage on our own so we are desperately in need. It doesn't matter how small the donation is, we appreciate it," Amore told THE WEEKEND STAR via telephone from the United States, where both mother and child still remain.


Threatening condition


Biliary atresia is a life- threatening condition that sees bile being trapped in the liver, causing damage that could lead to loss of liver tissue, cirrhosis and other ailments.

Rebecka was born with the condition, but when her jaundiced eyes were noticed, no one suspected it was a symptom for something worse.

"She was born with her eyes yellow, but everybody thought it was just jaundice," Amore explained.

It was about six months later, the gut-wrenching truth was revealed. She was flown to the United States for treatment and underwent surgery shortly after.

"All of her liver was removed and she got 20 per cent of mine, but now, she has to live on medication for the rest of her life. We are closely monitoring her as she still has to be doing various therapies," Amore said.

Persons interested in helping Rebecka may donate at:

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