Dad fights babymother's new lover

July 29, 2017


A father of four and the stepfather of his children agreed to go for mediation after both were charged after fighting over the children's mother.

Oral Campbell, the stepfather, and Paul Daley, the children's father were both charged with unlawfully wounding each other.

Daley said the dispute started because he has been calling his babymother constantly, begging her to come back home since she left him for her new lover - Campbell - five months ago.

He said things got frosty when his babymother called him from Campbell's phone. "I said to har 'why you a call mi off man phone for?'," Daley said.


Defending himself


He said he was at work a couple of days after the phone call cutting some steel when Campbell attacked and stabbed him.

But Campbell said that it was Daley who attacked him first and he was only defending himself.

"Him take weh the phone that I bought for my girlfriend. So I was going for it and him stab mi with the steel and mi used it and stab him back," Campbell said.

After hearing that Daley and his babymother decided to share responsibility for the children, presiding judge, Chester Crooks, recommended that the parties rectify the matter at mediation.

They are to return to court on October 18.

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