Jealous taxi driver bites off man's nose

July 29, 2017

A taxi driver admitted he chopped a man in the head and bit off a piece of his nose because the man knew his babymother better than he did.

Venreece Spencer was charged with unlawful wounding when he appeared before the Half-Way Tree Resident Magistrate Court yesterday.

Spencer had initially pleaded not guilty. But he insisted on explaining the situation even after the presiding judge, Chester Crooks, repeatedly warned him that his words could be used against him.

"Your honour, this man (pointing to the complainant), and my babymother are very close and I was having some issue with her so I decided to ask for his advice," Spencer said.

"Him say that he didn't waxnt to get into it but as me a leave him say that the woman don't want me because me naah give her any money."


"Stab after me"


Spencer told the court that he subsequently confronted his babymother about the issue.

"Mi ask har how him know har more than me and she say I shouldn't ask her nothing," Spencer said.

Peeved by Spencer's long story, which had at least 10 sub clauses, Crooks asked Spencer to speak specifically about the biting of the nose.

"I was driving along Spanish Town road and I saw him and I come out and stab after him," Spencer said. "Him fling some stones in the side of my vehicle and I reported it to the police station. After I reported it and drove back to where he was, mi see him with a knife so mi come out and him stab after me."

Spencer said he took a machete from his car and chopped the complainant in the forehead. He said they then got into a tussle when he bit off a piece of the complainant's nose.

After listening to his story, Crooks told Spencer that he basically admitted guilt.

Spencer is to return to court on August 24 when he will be sentenced.

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