Ackee Village clash looms - Roadside vendors wary to move into market

July 31, 2017
Desmond McKenzie (right) minister of local government and community development; Mayor of Portmore, Leon Thomas (second right); Collin Fagan (second left) member of parliament, St Catherine, South Eastern and Alando Terrelonge (left) member of parliament, St Catherine East Central, viewing a sign at the Ackee Village during the grand opening in the Municipality of Portmore, St Catherine earlier this month.

A showdown is looming between vendors along a section of the Mandela Highway that leads into the Sunshine City of Portmore, and the Portmore Municipal Corporation.

The local government authority has given the vendors until August 9 to move into the newly constructed Ackee Village, located off the Dyke Road in Portmore.

Ackee Village was officially opened on July 19. However, the facility is not yet ready for occupation, as according to Portmore Mayor Leon Thomas, some minor works is now taking place.

Our news team met with a few of the vendors who said they do not intend to be rushed into taking their place in the new market, but Thomas said the corporation would not be condoning vending on the streets.

"They can say what they want to say. We will see on the day," Thomas said.




Some vendors told THE STAR that the timing of the move is bad, noting that it is taking place around the time when they are seeking to maximise sales for back-to-school expenses.

"The stall space dem over there small and the business deh right a we foot here so. It send our children to school fi years and we can't have go-slow next month 'cause September morning, what is going to happen?" a vendor remarked.

THE STAR was, however, told that there are a handful of vendors who are ready to take their places in the 20 shops.

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