Teachers accused of sexual grooming - School launches major probe amid serious claims

July 31, 2017


Three male teachers of a Corporate Area high school will be dragged before the school board to respond to claims of sexual harassment against teachers and students.

The teachers have been described as "sexual piranhas" by a so-called whistle-blower, who claims that they "troll the compound in search of new skirts, be it female staff members or students".

In a letter sent to the institution's chairman, and copied to the media, the whistle-blower recounted a story which he/she said was relayed by a past student of the school.

The past student is reported to have seen a "male teacher standing over a female that was lying on one of the tables. His hands were underneath the skirt of the student who was lying on the table."

The board chairman, whose identity is being withheld, said the school considers the allegations to be very serious and will have a meeting with those who are alleged to have been involved.

"I got the document by email in the week that just ended. I haven't met with the staff as yet because the gentlemen, who are alleged inside there, some of them are not at work, so I am meeting with them on Wednesday. We have to find out about it. They are some serious allegations," the board chairman said.

In addition to making allegations of sexual harassment and cover-up at the school, the whistle-blower claims that teachers are being forced to dress sexy.

"Teachers who attire in the dress code as prescribed by the Ministry of Education; jacket suit, skirt suit, pants suit were ridiculed and described as 'box suit' dressers," the letter writer said.


Full-scale attack


"The teachers were told to look sexy, and dress sexy as they will feel better about themselves; never mind that this is an all-girls school and they are young and impressionable. Female teachers are now being told to wear close fitting pants, shorter skirt, rompers, shorter dresses, cuff pants, and others," the writer alleges.

According to the writer, the principal launched a "full scale attack on, especially older teachers, who dress conservatively, as she insists that female teachers must dress sexy as students will gravitate to them more and thus more interested in learning".

"The female staff is currently under siege, with nowhere to turn or what to do at this point," the writer said.

Contacted yesterday, the principal said she was not in a position to respond to our queries.

"You are calling me on a Sunday. Is it possible for you to call me back on a Monday? Call me back tomorrow, I am in the middle of a meeting,", the principal told THE STAR.

In the meantime, the board chairman dismissed the complaint about sexy dressing.

"That is a mischievous and malicious statement. That is inaccurate. There is a whole lot of stuff in that document that is just malicious and inaccurate and it is an email that is very vindictive of someone being very malicious against the principal. That the most I can say right now. I know where a lot of this is coming from," the chairman said.

"The only thing that is of concern to me is about the allegations of sexual inappropriateness. That is something that I don't take lightly. We will be having meeting with two of the persons because one of them is still not here. We are going to go ahead with the meeting with the two as well as individuals of the guidance department," the board chairman said.

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