Payne Land wants peace

August 05, 2017
Angela Brown Burke, the People's National Party's caretaker for South West St Andrew, puts her arms around two children in Payne Land yesterday.


Residents of Payne Land in South West St Andrew are calling for an end to the violence that is currently plaguing sections of the area.

This appeal comes after two separate shooting incidents on Thursday. In one incident, at about 7: 50 p.m., a man known as 'Radam' of a Portland address was shot and killed by unknown assailants in an area called 'Building' as he stood among a group of people including children.

Another man was killed and six others injured on McKoy Lane.

When THE STAR visited the area yesterday, the streets were scanty, save for a few persons who were seen going about their business and a contingent of soldiers and police who were conducting vehicular spotchecks.


Gang conflicts


"The kids dem traumatized by it because them see the action that was taking place," one resident told THE STAR.

The residents said there has been ongoing violence in the area for more than a year. However, they said it has escalated in recent times.

A mother of six told THE STAR that she sent away her children to stay with relatives to protect them from becoming victims of the violence.

"Three youth weh dead mi can swear pon mi six kids life say them innocent," she said.

One female resident told THE STAR that the shootings are related to gang conflicts involving men from Payne Avenue, McKoy Lane, Delacre Lane and Mangose Town.

"Me nah wish bad fi no one but a two solutions deh - death and prison, but me just would like fi see dem come like back inna di days when we coulda walk through everyone a di community dem," the frustrated resident said.


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