Holness talks tough after murder of 17 year old

August 08, 2017
Micholle Moulton

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called on the police to spare no effort in investigating the killing of 17-year-old Micholle Moltan.

Micholle was killed on Sunday, August 6, in her community in Arnett Gardens. Her 12-year-old sister was also shot and injured in the incident.
"We have to put a stop to it to prevent other innocent girls and boys from being killed. This could be anybody’s child. This is a great distress but we are resolved to deal with it and to support you in this time,” said Holness who visited Micholle's mother in Arnett Gardens on Tuesday.
The prime minister called on the members of the community to tell what they know and to cooperate with the police in bringing the perpetrators to justice.
“The wider Jamaica is very distressed and very angry and I want to reassure the country that the government is moving very quickly to have the Zones of Special Operations implemented and to ensure we bring safety, security and peace and prosperity to the Jamaican people,” Holness said.

Lisa Hanna, the opposition spokesman on youth, said on Facebook that she is "paralyzed with anger" because of the murder of Moltan.

"You judge a country by the way it treats its Children. For too long I've watched how unaddressed exposure to violence and abuse harm the developing brains and bodies of children," Hanna said.

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