'Snow White' had a bright future - Shock after gruesome murder of teenager

August 08, 2017
Micholle Moulton

A relative of 17-year-old Michole Moltan, who was killed by gunmen while she slept at her home on 10th Street in Arnett Gardens in St Andrew, said she had a promising future.

"The child is the only child in the family to have gone to a traditional high school and is the only child in the family who would have done 11 CXC subjects, eight in one sitting. That a history inna the family," the relative said.

Having already attained passes in three CSEC subjects, young Michole was awaiting the results of another eights she recently sat at the Meadowbrook High which she attended. The relative said she wanted to become a journalist.

The re;ative told THE STAR that Moltan, who is called 'Snow White', was a very quiet persons who loved to read.

Police reports indicate that on Sunday, Michole and her sister were asleep at their home in a section of the community called Zimbabwe when gunmen fired shots through their bedroom windows hitting them. Michole died on the spot while her 12- year-old sister, who was also injured in the attack, is in stable condition in hospital.


Chest tear off


The relative said there were loud explosions and it was reported that their mother rushed to the room in which her daughters were sleeping to ensure that they took evasive action.

"When she went around there she saw the smaller daughter, the one who was admitted coming towards her and she realised that she was badly injured."

The relative said the mother flicked on the light in the room and saw the other daughter stuck in the corner of the room.

The relative said the mother called out to her and saw that she was not responding.

The relative believed the attack was intentional.

"They pry the window open and just fire the shot inside. The window wasn't shattered or anything," she told THE STAR.


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