Below-par World Championships impact Half-Way Tree sales

August 09, 2017
Bazzle Myers (right) seeking sales yesterday.
A vendor shows off patriotic apparel.

The usual patriotic and vibrant atmosphere surrounding athletics in the vicinity of the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre and subsequent spike in sales for vendors has been absent at this IAAF World Championships.

THE STAR ventured into Half-Way Tree yesterday, and the usual flair and revelry mixed with seasonal and regular vendors with Jamaican merchandise on offer were few.

Some of the vendors have different theories for the lull.

Juice vendor Bazzle 'Blacks' Myers told our news team that had it been the Olympics, more people would gather and he would be able to make greater sales.

Myers said, "If a did Olympics a more people we see. When Olympics a gwaan, a more sales. This (World Championships) now come in like any regular day."


Under-par performance


When asked if the lull had anything to do with the under-par performance from the top athletes, Myers, in between his "juice, juice" chants, said: "It nuh have anything to do with that. More people jus into Olympics. More people stop to watch the Olympics than the World Championships."

Another vendor told THE STAR that it appears as if the curse on the team fell down on the sales.

He said: "People dem just a pass a say it come in like the team curse and dem nah stop and buy and to watch wah gwaan. From Bolt lose, it just change the ting and people drop dem shoulder."

According to the vendor, who has helped his father to sell at the location, things are a bit slow.

THE STAR was also told that the vendors on spot are the same people who are there on a daily basis.

"When the games hot, all vendor you nuh know deh beside yuh or around a juggle something. Look around. A we same one deh ya a sell. Ants follow fat but nothing nuh nice this time," a female vendor said.

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