Aspiring teacher seeks HELP to attend college

August 18, 2017
Iris Bailey

The Mico University College academic year is set to begin on August 29, and 21-year-old aspiring teacher, Iris Bailey, is hoping for a silver lining in the dark clouds which currently hang over her chances of admission.

At the moment, a tuition fee of $322,000 stands in the way of her being able to sit in a classroom at the 1A Marescaux Road campus and commence four years of study as a day student.

She has been accepted to study social studies and mathematics and wants to teach both subjects.

Bailey told THE WEEKEND STAR that she has exhausted all the options available to her to secure funding to become a trained teacher.

She said, "I have asked for assistance from my church, the Regent Street Seventh-day Adventist. They say they are trying to see what they can do. I tried the Students' Loan [Bureau], but I can't get any guarantors. I applied for scholarships at different places, but I was unable to secure any."

When asked of the possibilities of securing funding in the time span available to her, Bailey admitted that she felt like there was no way out.

"But I am just pressing forward because I know that with God, all things are possible, but it just seems dark right now because I don't have much," she said.

Bailey lives in Denham Town, Kingston and is a past student of the Denham Town High School.

While in her final year at sixth form, she lost both her parents, who died 13 days apart.

Her dad, Stephen Bailey, died on March 10 at age 49, and while preparations were being made for his funeral, her mother, Judith Ann Marie Thomas-Bailey, 42, died suddenly.

The loss had a crippling impact on Bailey, who through it all vowed to continue to reach for her goals and make her parents proud.




Bailey told THE WEEKEND STAR that she took a year off after graduating from high school last June to compose herself and to plot her next move, unsuccessfully trying to secure a job.

"I have sent out a lot of rÈsumÈs and applications. I haven't received any calls. I been sending out applications from I left school last June from the end of sixth form, and I haven't received any calls. If I get one now, I would take it because that would help me with lunch money and stuff like that," she said.

Bailey said she is hopeful and asking the public to lend a helping hand. Bailey said, "I am the only one of my four siblings going to attend college. I always wanted to make my mother proud, and even though she is not alive, I still want to attend college and make her proud. I want to rise above my obstacles."

Anyone who wish to assist Iris can contact her at 802-0285.

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