Slippery gangster dodges police - Person of interest visits island without lawmen's knowledge

August 18, 2017
Following the four murders in Fitzgerald Avenue last Saturday, cops were seen putting a bike belonging to one of the deceased men on to their van.


A man who the police have publicly mentioned as a person of interest in relation to ongoing bloodshed in the Area Four Police Division may have caught local authorities sleeping after he allegedly visited the island recently and left.

Information reaching THE WEEKEND STAR is that the Maxfield Avenue strongman, who resides overseas and has been said to be the main financier for some of the most deadly gangs in the Corporate Area, flew to Jamaica and visited the area where his legion of supporters reside.

Our news team understands that residents in the Sunlight Street, Trench Town, Maxfield Avenue, and Gem Road areas have since viewed this don as untouchable.

Residents told THE WEEKEND STAR that the man in question is head of the Raspberry gang.

A resident, who spoke to our news team, said, "Di man deh a foreign, and him name a call up, and him fly down and come link the youth dem inna di place. Di police know seh him round deh cause dem have dem source and dem nuh bring him in."

However, when contacted, Superintendent Arthur Brown, head of the St Andrew South Police Division, told THE WEEKEND STAR that he knows the name of the person in question, but said he could not say whether or not the man slipped under the police's radar.


Gangster's influence


"I cant speak to that, Kingston Western would be responsible for the Gem Road area. I am not responsible for that area," he said.

When quizzed further about the alleged gangster's influence in his division, Brown said he is aware of the supposed influence, "but I am not aware that he was in the island. That wasn't brought to my attention."

In previous interviews, neither Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (CTOC) nor Ronald Anderson, assistant commissioner of police commander for the Area Four Police Division, could not shed any light on the matter.

THE WEEKEND STAR also understands that the notorious area leader has influence, several of the zones that make up the Area Four Police Division, namely Kingston East, Kingston Central, Kingston West, St Andrew South and St Andrew Central. Many of the areas in this division are grappling with gang violence. In the latest onslaught, Fitzgerald Avenue, one of the Maxfield communities, recorded four murders last Saturday, sending fear across the space.

"Di man money strong, and anything him say goes. Anywhere him walk a jus death follow in his trail. Di youth dem look up to him, and him have link deh so and deh so. We haffi watch how we talk because we nuh know who is who," a resident told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Our news team also gathered that some areas that are opposed to his influence and have stood their ground have led to loss of lives in the ongoing gun battles.

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