Freak accident victims released from hospital

August 21, 2017
Visitors partaking in the zip line tour at Mystic Mountain.


Mike Drakulich, managing director of Mystic Mountain, has revealed that nine of the 10 affected persons in Friday's freak lightning accident at the attraction in St Ann have been discharged from hospital.

Up to press time last night, Drakulich said one of the tour guides remained hospitalised. However, he said the guide is in stable condition, and is expected to be discharged soon.

Last Friday's incident caused four tourists and six tour guides to be admitted at the St Ann's Bay Regional Hospital.


Popular tourist attraction


Tourism Minister Edmond Bartlett visited the hospital yesterday and also made contact with the tourists. He said that they were pleased with the treatment they got and are willing to return to Jamaica.

Both Bartlett and Drakulich stressed that what occurred at the popular tourist attraction last Friday was a freak accident that could have happened anywhere.

"It had nothing to do with human or mechanical error. It was just an act of God, that is unfortunate. We have an abundance of lightning suppression apparatus at Mystic Mountain, but clear sky lightning is something you can't plan for," Drakulich said.

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