'Time to fix Dump-Up Beach'

August 22, 2017
The Dump-Up Beach in Montego Bay is the venue for several events in the western city. Stakeholders are of the view that the facility is in need of developmengt.

Residents of Montego Bay have renewed calls for the upgrading of recreational facilities in the Second City, primarily at the Dump-Up Beach and Events Park, which they say is grossly underutilized, despite the area's potential.

Some Montegonians say the Dump-Up area needs to be developed into a fun park as the city on a whole lacks facilities for recreation and leisurely activities for local families and foreigners alike.

"I cannot believe we have people in charge of a place like Dump-Up and yet don't try to uplift the place," said Tasha Smith.

"I think there is a lot of space there and those in charge are neglecting MoBay, and wasting time, money and property."

Her sentiments were echoed by Michael Plumber, who believes the area needs a multipurpose court for football, netball, basketball and other sporting activities.

Plumber, who plays football in the evenings with friends at the property, said an amusement park-style facility, equipped with rides for families, would also be an ideal fit for the site to provide jobs and generate income.

"Over here needs a whole heap of things to make everybody come to MoBay," Plumber said.

He also called on the relevant authorities to pay attention to the general landscaping of the area, to prevent incidents such as robberies and rapes.

"The place needs regular bushing because too much thieves come over here to prey on people," said Plumber.

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