Vox Pop : What do you think can be done to improve the conditions of the Hip Strip?

August 22, 2017
Suan Jagan
Ladane Gardner
Venton Edwards
Tameka Blake

"The only point I can think of is the congestion, especially on ship days. If an area could be provided for the tour operators somewhere off the street sides, it would help with the flow of traffic and parking spaces."

- Venton Edwards

"I think the Hip Strip needs a facelift, especially to renovate or develop the buildings. Also, develop the current UDC park with infrastructure that will be more enticing to children."

- Tameka Blake

"They could have more daytime activities since in the day it is not 'hip'. More daytime activities could uplift the Hip Strip."

- Suan Jagan

"There should be more policing. Also, I know that it is a free country, but a new measure should be implemented to get rid of the harassers on the Hip Strip."

- Ladane Gardner

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