Temptation - Hanna's bikini picture worries Father Ho Lung

August 23, 2017
Lisa Hanna's most recent social media posting has broken the Internet.
Father Richard Ho Lung

Former Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna has basically broken the Jamaican Internet again with another bombshell photo displaying her stunning beach body.

The photo of the former Miss World, which has gone viral, has racked up thousands of likes and hundreds of commendatory comments.

However, not everyone is thrilled by the post, which was made in honour of Hanna's 42nd birthday. Father Richard Ho Lung has opined that, as a public figure, she should not post such pictures which will evoke passions in people and become a source of temptation.

"We should avoid arousing the passions of people, whoever they are, because we are all vulnerable. We are living in a culture that is drawn to so many sins that are against the flesh. All of us are vulnerable to it, whether it be a regular human on the street or a spiritual man, and we should avoid being the source of temptation to other people," Ho Lung told THE STAR yesterday.

Ho Lung was contacted by THE STAR for comments after several Internet users suggested that he would not be amused were he to see the latest Hanna picture.

"Does anyone know Father Richard Ho Lung's email address? I need to send this to him ASAP," comedian Dr Michael Abrahams said on Twitter. The post included the stunning image of Hanna in her beachwear.

"He needs to be aware of what decent people are exposed to on our beaches," Abrahams wrote.

He later posted a picture with himself and Ho Lung along with the caption: "About to pick up Lisa Hanna for lunch".


Desperate attempt


Ho Lung, in 2015, called Hanna the disappointment of 2014, after she posted a picture of herself at the beach sporting a yellow bikini and a blouse.

"Why would the minister of youth and culture, just short of complete nudity, strip herself down and post herself on social media in an obvious cry to the public through the media to call attention to herself? It is a desperate attempt at 'Me, Myself, and I', the ego fearing loss of being forgotten by the public, by which Lisa Hanna is given her breath and life," he had penned in a Gleaner column.

Now, two years later, the South East St Ann Member of Parliament has dropped another photo, even more revealing than the 2014 one.

In response to the recent post, Ho Lung told THE STAR that he is imploring Hanna not to be an occasion of sin for people, but, rather, an inspiration to other people, to bring people to God rather than to bring people to herself in a way that is lustful or full of passion.

"I leave her to her own opinions, but remember now that a public figure is a public figure. I think that we must be sensitive to that and avoid being a source of temptation, and to avoid providing a public image that is not right, especially in our times when there are so many abuses that are being done by so many people that are against chastity and purity of men and women," he said.

Hanna could not be reached for comments on the matter.

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