It's the plan of the devil - Pastor rubbishes claims that he is a fake man of God

August 25, 2017
Lubert Levy
Lubert Levy

A pastor and gospel artiste has described an attempt by a woman to portray him as a fake man of God, following an alleged incident of road rage at the Portmore toll booth recently, as a plan of the devil.

The well-known minister of religion, Lubert Levy, and a female motorist had an alleged verbal exchange, which threatened to get violent after the two crossed lanes at a toll booth earlier this month. The parties involved have since posted contradicting videos on social media.

Levy is accused of splashing water in the woman's face and hurling expletives at her. However, the pastor, while admitting that there was a stand-off, denied the allegations.

"I was the next person to pay. I opened my vehicle and stood at my door and they came to beat me. How can I, as a man of God, an ordain minister of the gospel, come out of my car, block a lady, throw water on her and tell her a lot of bad word? Wow!" he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

In a video posted to Facebook, the woman said that after she refused to allow Levy to cut in front of her, he used his vehicle to hit her window.

"I knocked on his window and he sprayed water in my face. If I had a baseball bat, I would have knock you out because you threw the water in my face. Di only thing left fi him do a send mi up under mi mother. Di amount of bad word him chip - from ya so to Westmoreland," the woman said in the video.




Levy also posted a video declaring he was sorry for the unfortunate situation at the toll booth, but refuted the allegations she made.

"If it was somebody else at the toll, you wouldn't hear this. Is because of where my career is and dem feel like I shouldn't be where my career is. That is the reason why she go out and want to stop my career," the pastor said.

Meanwhile, the woman, in a second video, also said she would make a report to the police in light of Levy's video refuting claims made by her.

"I have not heard from the police. I would love for it to be reported, too, because I went to the toll booth and requested the video and they say it have to come through the police or a court, or something like that," Levy said.

Levy told our news team that he has spoken with his legal team, who advised him not to speak on the matter.

"The thing about it, why I don't go further, is that my lawyer has asked me not to say anything on the matter because it might end up in court, either by my side or her side," he said

When asked if the incident will have any bearing on his career or ministry going forward, Levy said anything God has planned for him he will accept.

"Anything God say, a dat a go happen. If it affects it, it affects. And if it doesn't, that's God's plan. I go to church to repent. I don't got to church to do music. I am a Christian. I did a show after that, I am booked for a concert next Saturday. I'm booked to leave the island next month. Nobody has contacted me to say anything about it," Levy told THE WEEKEND STAR.

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