Five killed in Clarendon

August 26, 2017
Ricardo Makyn Multimedia Photo Editor Bloodstains visible at the triple murder at the Newclear Jerk Pub in Race Course, Clarendon.

The last two days have been nothing but sheer gore for the people of southern Clarendon as three persons were murdered late Thursday night in one incident and two more yesterday morning.

Two children are among the victims. Teenager Shaniel Bartley was killed in the triple murder in Race Course, while a six-year -old, who has not yet been identified, was killed in Effortville.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, one hour after the six-year-old was murdered, a 33-year-old man was also killed in Effortville.

THE STAR understands that Bartley was at a bar when gunmen opened fire. Six persons were injured in the attack. They were taken to the hospital where Bartley and two other persons were pronounced dead.


Protect her


Yesterday, a group of residents from Race Course gathered at the bar where the triple murder occurred to tell the tale that might be forever etched in their minds.

One of the men who gathered there said Bartley was only at the bar because her mother was trying to protect her from a rapist who has been on the prowl in the community.

"That is why the woman carry har pickney beside her here. Is not like she stay in the bar. Is right here at the front of the restaurant she always sit down, and any little bad word or so, you see she walk out," the man said.

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