NWC denies putting tourists above Red Ground residents

August 26, 2017
Charles Buchanan of the National Water Commission


Dear Editor, Sir:

I am to respond to The Star's unfortunate headline and story on Thursday (August 17, 2017), regarding water supply to Red Ground in Westmoreland.

Please note that the National Water Commission (NWC) is not aware of any 'no water condition' being experienced by customers in Red Ground since February.

Furthermore, no water conditions - if and when they happen - are absolutely not the result of any prioritisation of service to tourists over locals. That is not how the NWC operates.

In fact, our checks in response to the complaint confirm that piped water is in Red Ground and customers in Red Ground are receiving piped water. There is also no standpipe on the NWC network in Red Ground.


Further investigations


Further, the NWC has no customer on record in Red Ground by the name indicated in the story, and we are yet to receive an exact location in Red Ground at which the problem described has existed since February.

While it is indeed remotely possible that an individual customer or a section of Red Ground may be without water supply, the NWC is not aware of any such lack of service since February.

We await any information that would enable further investigations or appropriate remediation.

For the record, let me also state that the National Water Commission is committed to the provision of the best possible water-supply service to all its paying customers. Any difference in the level of service received by paying customers is due to the nature and reliability of the water source, technical or infrastructural differences, differences in elevation and location, poorly developed or planned development, and other issues outside of the Commission's control. None of these factors should be construed as a prioritisation of service to customers.

We therefore categorically refute the suggestions of the article.

Yours truly,

Charles Buchanan

Corporate Public Relations Manager

National Water Commission

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