Police, gay men clash at courthouse

August 26, 2017
Police use yellow tape to block off the entrance to the Kingston Mall in downtown Kingston during their investigation into a murder-suicide in 2016. A security guard had reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend at the scene before killing himself.


The Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court erupted in pandemonium after a group of rowdy, self-confessed homosexuals briefly escaped the custody of the police following a bloody melee, and had to be chased and restrained.

The walls of the court hallway, as well as the uniforms of several police personnel, were stained with blood, as the high drama lasted for close to 10 minutes.

Three confessed homosexuals were at the centre of the clash as they were being processed after a judge ordered them remanded.

The men, whose names Parish Judge Chester Crooks requested be omitted from the reports, were charged with robbery and assault.

Our news team witnessed court employees screaming and running away from the homosexuals with open wounds until some policewomen accosted them.

An eyewitness told THE STAR: "Dem buss the door and push down the policeman and run go round deh so. One a dem a run behind me, and me just a run. Mi nuh want dem touch me, dem a bleed ... I never know say a so much police deh a Half-Way Tree lock-up. Mi a fi run and wash my eyes because of the pepper spray."

It took a collective effort by senior officers and other police to recapture the gay men and have the matter under control.

Before the men were further remanded, it was disclosed in court that two of them allegedly gave sexual favours to a man who refused to pay for the encounter.


Were remanded


They pleaded guilty with explanation to robbery and assault, however, Crooks told them their explanation did not amount to a guilty plea.

The complainant, who was in court, refuted their claims and the matter is again set for mention on Tuesday.

The gay men were remanded on the basis that they did not have a fixed place of dwelling.

A fingerprint order was made against the three accused.

Before they left the courtroom, Crooks told them: "In New Kingston, the set of you pick on people. Sooner or later you people are going to mess with the wrong person."

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