Cop shoots linesman at football match

August 28, 2017
Dr Christopher Tufton was at venue where bizarre shooting incident took place.


An ex-policeman is now hospitalised after he was shot in the upper body by a plain-clothed policeman yesterday at the Barry and Lloyd Community Centre football field in Kitson Town, St Catherine.

Investigations are now being carried out to determine the circumstances surrounding the bizarre shooting that left two people nursing gunshot wounds.

The incident occurred about 6 p.m., and our news team gathered that a spectator was also shot in the hand.

Up to press time, sources close to the investigation told THE STAR that the policeman was undergoing surgery.

Health Minister Christopher Tufton, the member of parliament for West Central St Catherine in which Kitson Town falls, said he was also at the community football competition and domino tournament where the shooting took place.


Nobody declared themselves


It's a very unfortunate incident. It was a community activity with scores of members of the community enjoying both the domino tournament and football game. It was just chaotic, total chaos. My impression of it is that nobody declared themselves, apparently both thought they were dealing with a gunman," Tufton said.

THE STAR understands that the former cop, who was a linesman at the match, got into an altercation with the policeman while allegedly attempting to clear the line.

Our news team gathered that what happened next was nothing short of horrific, as both men pulled their firearms and fired shots at each other.

THE STAR was told that it took the intervention of another plain-clothed policeman to bring the matter under control.

"It was high drama because both had the firearms pointed at each other for a while, and at that stage the policeman took out his ID and showed that he was a policeman and that other police guy stabilised the situation. He deserves an award, I am telling you. If it weren't for him, more people would have been affected there," Tufton said.

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