Judge says he is allergic to women beaters

August 28, 2017

A man who attacked his sister-in-law whom he woke from her sleep and slapped her repeatedly, causing aches and pain, has been hit with a suspended sentence. However, this was not before his mother cried and begged for mercy.

The man in question, Dave Lewis, 25, was convicted of assault occasioning bodily harm in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

The court heard that on August 8, Lewis entered the house of the complaint, went into her bedroom and slapped her repeatedly.

The mother of the complainant told the court, "Your Honour, him could a wait until him see her, but fi wake her up and slap her. The wake weh him wake her up could give her heart failure."

The court was told that the complainant had to seek medical attention.

Parish Judge Chester Crooks told Lewis, "I am allergic to men who beat up women."

Lewis was ordered to compensate the complainant after he told the court that his mother was on her way with $15,000.

When Lewis' mother entered the courtroom, she told the court that she was sorry that the matter reached this stage.

Parish Judge Crooks told Lewis to apologise to his mother.

"Hug her and tell her bye bye. Hug her and tell her you love her," he said.

Lewis complied and his mother broke down in tears, thinking he was going to be remanded.

The judge then told her that he took into consideration that the accused had two daughters and suspended the sentence for one year.

A fingerprint order was made.

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