'Dynamite talk' cost me my job - Labourer begs for second chance

August 29, 2017
Keith Ferguson
Keith Ferguson
The new Gracekennedy site on Harbour Street.

A former worker is wishing he could turn back the hands of time and withdraw a comment he made that he believes caused him to be sidelined from a downtown Kingston development project.

In June, Keith Ferguson, a resident of Rosemary Lane in Southside, was laid off after he was working at the new GraceKennedy site on Harbour Street.

Ferguson told THE STAR, "I made a talk out of frustration say I going to throw a stick of dynamite over there, but I don't mean that, honestly. Me a labourer and a do trade man work over there and them nah pay we tradesman money cause a $1,500 a day we start from in there until it go to $2,000 because we join a union, until the money raise to $2,200."

The wage issues prompted his outburst, and he is convinced that is the reason he has not been taken back. He has turned to constructing a stall while still hoping for a change of heart from his former employers.


Opportunity to apologise


He said, "The youth dem fi go school and dem nah tek mi on back. Mi nuh want turn to other things because it's easy and mi a live for my kids dem, and mi nuh want fi a run up and down from police. Me love me youth and want deh ya fi dem."

Visibly tormented by his utterance, Ferguson is hoping to get an opportunity to apologise to his former employers if given a listening ear.

He said the development of the area, with two established entities building headquarters, is very good for the community.

"A lot of the youths dem get work over there. You can hear a man a say him save a $300,000 and $200,000 already from it," he said.

He laments that the work site is just an easy walk from his home, but he can't be part of it.

"Dem take on a bag a new youth, I don't have a problem with that, but take me on back, too. A bout 1,000 man dem tek on from dem leggo me, and who did get lay off with me, dem take dem back," he said.

Ferguson said his aim is to get back his job and raise money to buy an engine as people want fish and he lives near the sea.

"Mi nah go out deh go rob nobody. Mi want back the work fi can eat me food dem and take care a me yute dem. A deh ya me deh ya a try mek something gwaan. This morning somebody tell me say the manager dem a ask bout me, so I don't know if a tek dem want tek me on."

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