Live sex shows on the upswing again

August 29, 2017
A female uses her hands to cover her nipples.

After almost two years of not making a dollar from his live sex shows in strip-clubs across Jamaica because of a clamp down by law enforcers, Robert Sewell, popularly known as 'Movie Star', said the business is once again picking up pace.

"We are doing shows in country now. We don't get any call from town yet, but I guess when dem parts deh free up dem will call us," Sewell said.

With a pair of girls, Sewell travels around the island entertaining strip club goers with live sex for a fee from club operators. But when law enforcers started clamping down on the act two years ago, Sewell had to resort to farming to take care of his family.

In April of this year, Sewell told THE STAR that the Government should license the sex trade to allow people like himself to earn a living peacefully.

"A whole heap a people use to benefit from this business, like the club owners and the taxi man dem weh tek the people dem to the club," Sewell said.

He said while the authorities haven't responded to his plea, he is happy law enforcers are considerate. "Just like the police, we have pickney fi feed and send go school," Sewell said. "A whole heap a people work in the sex business, so it is best them free it up and even get some tax from it, too."




Sewell, who got the name Movie Star because of the acrobatic styles he performs during his live sex shows, said tourists have been pouring into the island this summer since they have learnt that the shows are on again.

"A long time them a wait for it fi start up back, so as dem hear, dem book dem ticket," Sewell said.

Head of the Community Safety Security Branch, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, said that the police have not pulled back on clamping down on the act.

"It is just that they might move it to more private places in their establishments. So it's only if we find out, we can act on it. So it is on knowledge that we will deal with them," McGregor said.

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