Pregnant women fight at clinic

August 29, 2017

Psychologist Patrece Charles-Freeman said the video of a group of pregnant women in a physical brawl at a clinic highlights the unpreparedness of many Jamaican women for motherhood.

"A mother's instincts, especially when pregnant, whether you are human or you are an animal, is to protect her child, and so while you are pregnant to get into a brawl, it just speaks to the level of care or lack thereof that you have for your child," she told THE STAR.

The video, which has been making the rounds on social media, shows the group of about seven women standing outside a clinic quarrelling.

The argument got rowdy and two of the women, with their pregnant bellies, started to throw fists at each other.


Expressed their disgust


It appeared that a third woman was attempting to break up the fight but got caught in the brawl. As the fight continued, more women joined in.

It is unsure where exactly the incident occurred.

A number of users on Facebook expressed their disgust, saying the women do not respect their unborn children. "A dem women here God bless with precious life," one user questioned.

Another user said: "This is seriously wrong. Imagine what the kids are going to be like."

Another commenter said: "These are the women who are carrying the killers here."

Charles-Freeman said the lack of care the women showed for their unborn babies, by engaging in a fight, indicates that the women are not prepared to provide the kind of parental role children need in order to become productive members of society.

"What that speaks to is the lack of involvement that a parent could have in that child's life and that means that the child could end up raising itself or allowing someone else to give bad advice, people like the scammers," Charles-Freeman said.

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