Nowhere to call home - Family's house badly damaged in weird accident

August 30, 2017
A passer-by looks on as workmen try to dismantle an old house that collapsed along Wildman Street in Kingston on yesterday morning.
Residents inspect the building which collapsed along Wildman Street in Kingston.

"No, bredda. Dis a disaster," Andrea Jackson said as she looked at a section of her house, which was reduced to rubble after an adjacent derelict building collapsed on to the place she once called home.

The 53-year-old explained that at about 6 a.m. yesterday, she heard rumbling sounds followed by a loud bang. This turned out to be a concrete structure falling on to the house that is located at Wildman Street in Kingston, damaging a section of the property in the process.

She shares the home with her daughter, son and two grandsons.

Luckily, no one was hurt in the incident. But now the family is without a house, and most of the furniture and appliances got damaged.

"Time so rough and hard, and this happen now and you lose everything. That nuh hurt?" she said.

She is even fearful of entering the building as she believes that the entire house may collapse.

"If me want cook some food now, me can't go no further in deh cause me pot dem in deh and mi nah go in deh. If me want get a proper bath, mi can't bathe in deh cause me nuh want nothing drop pon me and kill me," Jackson told THE STAR.

Although, Jackson has lived at the premises for 25 years after moving from St Mary, she is of the view that her house being damaged is an indication that it is time to find another place to call home.


Moving message


"This is a sign. This is a message that God send to you. This is a moving message. Mi nuh want fi live inna no house like dem ya again, and me nuh want live inna no upstairs," she said.

Even while talking to THE STAR, Jackson had no idea where she would rest her head later that night. However, she was convinced that friends would allow her to 'kotch.'

"When di time come fi kotch, yuh just haffi kotch, enuh. And me nuh think me a go sleep because everything just a go come back to me, so mi nuh know how we a go manage," she said.

Jackson's daughter, Simone Nickelson, is now appealing for assistance for the family to help them move on from this ordeal.

"It no safe at all. Weh we a go sleep. Anyweh we can get the help from, we woulda tek it cause we need it," she said.

Persons wishing to assist the family may contact Angella Jackson at 448-1369 or Simone Nickelson at 377-3544.

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