Wrong twin doctor summoned to court

August 31, 2017
Jephthah Ford
Dr Japheth Ford

A judge at the Coroner's Court on Maxfield Avenue apologised to Dr Japheth Ford, the twin brother of Dr Jephthah Ford, who was found guilty of corruption earlier this month, for mistakenly dragging him into court yesterday to give evidence in the death of policeman Kennard Chung, who is alleged to have committed suicide in 2013.

The court acknowledged that it should have summoned Japhthah Ford, who was hired by the Chung's family carrying out a post-mortem on dead cop's body, after the family sensed foul play.

Japhthah Ford was being called to provide evidence at the coroner's inquest for Chung yesterday in front of a team jury.

The court clerk called Japhthah Ford to the stand. Japheth stood, and explained that the summon was issued in his name and that he had explained to the police when they visited his office three weeks ago that he was being mistaken for his brother.




"The police came to my office about three weeks ago, and I told the policeman specifically that I am Japheth Ford, and I have never heard of the man [Kennard Chung], and they have the wrong Dr Ford, and who they probably need to call is my brother, Jephthah," Japheth Ford said.

The Presiding Judge Charles Pennicook then asked the 65- year-old man for his identification card. After perusing the card, Pennicook apologised for the error.

Pennicook asked Japheth to contact his brother, via a phone call, but he was unsuccessful.

The judge said that a subpoena for Jephthah Ford would have to be issued.

Jephthah Ford told THE STAR that when the subpoena is issued, he will attend court on the advice of his lawyer.

"When they serve the subpoena, then it means that I present it to my lawyer, and my lawyer will determine what I do," Jephthah said.

Patricia Chung, the mother of Kennard Chung, told THE STAR that she was told by someone to contact Japhthah, after she sensed that there was foul play when her son's death was labelled as a suicide immediately after he died of a gunshot wound on January 13, 2013.

Jephthah told THE STAR that, like Patricia Chung, many persons have been recommended by policemen to see him because they know that he would not tolerate corruption.

Jephthah told THE STAR that there are at least three cases involving police officers where he has carried out a post-mortem and is to present his findings in court.

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