Mother begs money to bring daughter's body home

September 01, 2017
Amanda Reid

Family members of Amanda Reid, who was found dead in her boyfriend's home in Trinidad last Saturday, have launched a GoFundMe account to cover the cost of flying her body home and her funeral expenses.

The account is titled 'Take Amanda Reid Home To Rest', and the target is £5,000 or a little more than J$837,000.

Amanda's mother, Berbeth Grant, said she is desperately pleading for assistance as she just buried her cancer-stricken mother two months ago, and is now faced with burying her daughter.

"Everything going to be on me. Me nuh really have no help because my big brother just help me bury my mother. We gone broke. We don't have no money. Me a beg. Please, do it for Amanda's son," she pleaded.


An orphan


Amanda, 26, of Race Course in Clarendon, died leaving a nine-year-old son, who is now an orphan as his father died of a heart attack when he was only four months old.

"Please, do it for Amanda's son, Dvaughan. From the incident, he is asking for us to bring his mother home. He doesn't have a father. Me a beg. Manda was like a Good Samaritan. She was the best to me," Grant said.

Those wishing to assist may also donate to Berbeth Grant's Jamaica National account 209 423 0845, May Pen branch, or contact her at 866-1297.


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