Woman stones matey's windows - Claims she was reported to CDA as being an unfit mom

September 02, 2017

A St Andrew mother of three pleaded guilty yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court after she was accused of throwing stones on the apartment windows of the girlfriend of her babyfather because she reported her as an unfit mom.

Tanisha Harris was charged with malicious destruction of property.

It is alleged that Harris went to the premises of the complainant around 2 o'clock one morning and threw a barrage of stones, breaking nine glass windows.

Harris told Presiding Judge Chester Crooks that her reason for carrying out the act was because she was furious that the complainant had taken her children to the Child Development Agency (CDA), and reported her as an unfit mother.


Six months pregnant


"Your Honour. She make the CDA took away my children," Harris said.

When Crooks asked the complainant, who is six months pregnant with a child for Harris' babyfather, why she took the children to CDA knowing that it would have hurt her partner, the complainant replied: "We have a lot of things in the past, and I don't want anything to do with her."

Crooks called the father into the courtroom and asked him if he was in a relationship with the complainant. Immediately after the father answered yes, Harris chimed in: "He is with both of us," she blurted out, sending the courtroom into laughter.

Crooks told Harris to take $3,500 to pay for the broken windows on the September 11 when she is to return to court.

But before she could leave the dock, Harris revealed that she is two and half months pregnant with her fourth child for her babyfather.

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