Ferry police host back-to-school treat

September 04, 2017
Woman Corporal Alicia Henry hands out prizes to children at the Ferry Police Station Back-to-School Treat which she conceptualised, as Superintendent Preston Wray looks on.
Contributed Thumbs up! Byron Henry (right), loss prevention manager, IGL Ltd pauses for a photo after fitting this youngster with a new backpack filled with stationery at the inaugural Ferry Police Station Back-to-School Treat.
Shemara Rhoden, IGL medical scholarship awardee assists children using the bounceabout.

In anticipation of back-to-school, the Ferry Police Station backed by sponsorship from the IGL Ignite Foundation and several corporate partners feted over 100 children from the Ferry community, and presented them with school supplies for the upcoming academic year.

The inaugural back-to-school treat was conceptualised by Woman Corporal Alicia Henry, who, while shopping for her four children, was alarmed at the high costs for supplies and wanted to find a solution for those who might need the assistance.

"I have a steady job and I get assistance with my kids, but when I realised my shopping total was near $200,000, my heart went out to those who are not able to afford it. I thought what if someone out there doesn't have a job? How will they be able to afford to prepare their children for school, and how can I help?"

Henry pitched the idea to her superiors, they responded with commendations, and assisted in rallying the staff behind the cause.

With sponsorships from companies in and around the station, she was able to purchase backpacks, textbooks, notebooks, and stationery, while adding bounce-about, merry-go-round, music and refreshments to create the perfect event to end the summer on a high note.

On Saturday, August 26, the joyous screams and excited laughter of the children pierced the air at the grounds beside the Ferry police station, as the treat got in full swing. From toddlers to high school students, to parents and grandparents, the activities kept everyone duly entertained.

Henry, who was assigned to the station in March, said she was thankful for the support.

"I'm elated to have received so much support from my colleagues, sponsors and the community. This is a first time event, and I was optimistic about getting the best done, but I'm overjoyed to see that everyone worked together to make this a big success," she said.

Wayne Kirkpatrick, general manager, IGL Ltd said IGL has operated an office and plant adjacent to the station since 1997 when the company took over the operations of Jamaica Oxygen & Acetylene.




Kirkpatrick shared, "We decided to support this initiative as we saw the opportunity to assist these parents with a tangible reminder that we believe in education, and believe in nurturing the next generation to foster growth and development in the community and by extension Jamaica." He added, "We want to see these children grow to become productive members of the society, and this is just one step forward in guiding them towards that path."

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