Dem kill mi one son - Mother mourns death of promising child

September 05, 2017
Tameka Graham, mother of 11-year-old Michael Keating, who was shot in the head and killed in Rema, St Andrew, on Sunday.
Tasheka Graham, the aunt of the deceased, is being consoled by a community member.
Tameka Graham, the mother of the deceased.

What should have been the first day of grade six for 11-year-old Michael Keating sadly became the beginning of mourning and grief for his mother, 26-year-old Tameka Graham, and other relatives.

THE STAR visited the crime-stricken community of Rema yesterday and mourners were in a sombre mood. Some could not hold back tears as they remembered the deceased.

Keating, a resident of Fifth Street, was shot in his head. His five-year-old sister was also injured in the incident.

Our news team gathered that the incident occurred sometime after 9 p.m. on Sunday.




It was being said that he was playing with a gun, however, his mother staunchly refutes those claims. She told THE STAR that her promising son was shot by a gunman, who has since fled the community.

"Mi son never did a play wid nuh gun. Mi son siddung so, and him have the baby pan him, and the baby all tilt over. I saw the man weh kill mi son and him run weh gone. And the man weh tek the gun from him run weh gone to. The whole a dem run weh. Dem kill mi one son," she said.

"Mi see him (suspect) wid the gun inna him hand so, and mi son siddung like him want seh something to me and a bare blood a come from him mouth, and mi haffi run. Mi nuh know weh fi do, mi run go weh," Graham added.

Investigators at the Denham Town Police Station have since met with her.

Graham said: "Di police dem a look fi dem. Dem a talk to mi. Dem come about three times from morning. Mi tell dem weh mi know."

She told THE STAR that her son was looking forward to grade six at Boys' Town Primary, and everything was in place for his first day of school.

"Mi love mi son. Teacher, everybody call me. Mi son nuh give trouble," Graham said.

"Him have everything pan di bed. Him ask mi fi the marker fi write him name on him book dem. Mi say RJ (his pet name), don't write yuh name on the book dem cause dem nuh wrap yet. Him say all right. That a di last thing my son seh to mi. Mi son help mi. Mi can go weh and come back and see everything do," she said.

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