Devin just wants to move on - accepts apology from Corey Todd

September 07, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Corey Todd

The assault case involving Grammy-nominated entertainer Devin Di Dakta and businessman Corey Todd was yesterday struck from the books of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court.

Todd was charged last year with assaulting the former Magnum King of Dancehall winner.

Devin's manager, Shelly Ann Curran, told THE STAR that her artiste's desire is to move on from the incident and she supports his decision.

She told our news team: "I know he went to mediation. What occurred, I am not sure. The only thing that I am sure is that Devin said he just wants to move on with his career. His future is so bright right now. He doesn't really want to carry on with this and so I support him 100 per cent."


Physically assaulted


Prosecutors had reported that Todd confronted Devin di Dakta at his Taboo Nightclub on Constant Spring Road in St Andrew and demanded an apology for using his name in a song.

During the confrontation, the artiste was physically assaulted.

Yesterday, when the matter came up for hearing, defence attorney Peter Champagnie declared that the men wanted to settle the matter through a "brief mediation session".

The parties met briefly, following which Devin told the parish judge that he did not wish to pursue the case. The case was disposed of after Todd apologised to the artiste.

Devin Di Dakta and singer JL, a former Rising Stars contestant, scored a nomination in the Best Reggae Album category at the Grammy Awards earlier this year.

The nomination was for Sly & Robbie Presents ... Reggae For Her.

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