Trapped! - Elderly woman stuck in home after building collapses

September 07, 2017
Jane Burrell
Residents inspect the building which collapsed along Wildman Street in Kingston.

Eighty-one-year-old Jane Burrell, the owner of a house that collapsed along Wildman Street in Kingston in August, says she, her daughter and grandson were trapped in a section of a building behind that house for more than two hours.

She told THE STAR that on the day that the building crumbled, she was at home with her daughter and grandson when she heard weird sounds. This turned out to be the building falling apart.

"I was there something likkle after six, and I hear the building drop and mi couldn't talk. We were trapped at the back of the house. And we deh there till we hear the fire truck blowing," Burrell.

The senior citizen said she has lived at the premises since she purchased it in 1998, however, she was forced to move out of the eight-room structure to live in an incomplete building that is located behind the house that collapsed.

She said that the only entry to the incomplete house was blocked by the rubble, which caused them to spend approximately two hours trapped inside.

"I was there a good time till I hear somebody on the top call out and ask if we all right," she said.

After numerous attempts, the firefighters and her grandson managed to get her out of the building.

"Them lift up part of the zinc, and mi grandson lift me and put me pon the ladder, and me come dung, and we come outside," she said.

Burrell said the building that fell apart showed signs that it would collapse, so much so that neighbours would watch it day and night and warn motorists not to park there.

However, she explained that when the house fell, some unscrupulous persons helped themselves to some of the material that had been purchased to complete the building she lived in.

And with the collapse of the building causing damage to the structure that she occupied, Burrell said she is in need of assistance to continue construction.

"We need some help from anywhere weh we can get it. If mi can get a load a gravel, sand, steel or something, mi would appreciate it," she told THE STAR.

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