A COLE WORL': Give Miss Lou her due

September 08, 2017
State Minister for National Security, Senator Pearnel Charles Jr., lays a flower at the tomb of the late Jamaican cultural icon, Louise Bennett Coverley (Miss Lou) on September 7 to commemorate the 98th anniversary of her birth.

Yuh know who vex? Me! Yesterday was Miss Lou's birthday and the now customary fanfare and birthday celebrations took place all around, from TV to radio stations. Even print media got involved and people shared their sentiments about Miss Lou's contribution to Jamaican.

Now, somewhere in the latter part of yesterday evening, I heard on a particular radio station that the petition that was going around for Miss Lou to have been made a National Icon has not even garnered 2,000 of the 15,000 signatures required to actually have the powers that be turn the corner of dem eyes and look pon it.

Now, I am saying, don't we all know the significance of Miss Lou? Why are we even bothering to get signatures?  Miss Lou's significance shouldn't be left to be quantified by signatures.

And for this to be coming from the Office of the Prime Minister, I believe it's a slap in the face of hardworking practitioners of the arts. Miss Lou never carry har basket to Linstead Market fe nut'n. When she sang that nuh quatty never sell, that might be true, cause things might've been tough that time,. And Linstead might not have been that appealing. 

What I am saying is that if it wasn't fe Miss Lou, I wouldn't know about Linstead Market. I wouldn't know about Ranny Williams nor his entertainment centre. And I can boldly say this if it wasn't for Miss Lou, a whole heap of artistes who are parading up and down acting all hype, using the lingua and dialect so freely, if it wasn't for Miss Lou, we probably wouldn't have had them.

Leave out the signature business and accord Miss Lou her right or the privilege that she deserves.

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