Feed them right - JCF commissioner ensures members getting good meals

September 08, 2017
Police Commissioner George Quallo.

Commissioner of Police, George Quallo, met with caterers on Wednesday who are contracted to provide meals for members of the joint forces who are working in the Mount Salem Zone of Special Operations to ensure that the members are being fed properly.

This after a picture, which has been circulating on the Internet, suggested that members are being fed meagre meals.

Head of the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, said that Quallo met with the caterers and outlined 'the quality meals that should be served to the members'.

"We are taking these men from their homes so he wants to make sure that they are comfortable. It won't be like home, but to make it comfortable enough," Lindsay explained.


Committed to the task


Lindsay said that it is not confirmed that the picture that is being circulated is an image of the meals members are being served.

"One of the things that they also looked at is the timing, when the meals are being delivered. Those issues were discussed," Lindsay said.

Quallo visited Mount Salem with the president of the Police Federation, Raymond Wilson.

According to Lindsay, Quallo also wanted to ensure that members of the joint forces were committed to the task.

"When I spoke to him yesterday (Wednesday), he was satisfied that the men are committed," Lindsay said.

Lindsay told THE WEEKEND STAR that Quallo also gave directives for additional accommodations to be provided.

"The accommodations have been identified and are being fixed up for the men," Lindsay said.

Quallo also met with residents in the community. He said that he was satisfied with the citizens' feedback regarding the conduct of the members of the joint forces.

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