LASCO Money tackles improper garbage disposal problem

September 12, 2017

LASCO Financial Services Limited (LFSL), through its LASCO Money brand, is seeking to help combat the problem of improper garbage disposal in Montego Bay.

The recommendation of LASCO Money's voucher redemption system for plastic bottle recycling comes in response to Montego Bay Mayor Homer Davis' call for the buy-back of plastic bottles in the second city to create an incentive to embrace cleanliness.

Responding to Davis' call, Jacinth Hall-Tracey, managing director of LFSL, is urging Montegonians to capitalise on the LASCO Money/Recycling Partners of Jamaica voucher redemption service, which ultimately benefits the environment, while offering rewards to participants.

"The voucher redemption system is quite simple. We have partnered with Recycling Partners of Jamaica [RPJL] to encash the vouchers supplied by RPJL to persons and entities that collect and recycle plastic bottles at their locations across the island. When these vouchers are presented at our selected LASCO Money locations, we provide the end user with the monetary value on each voucher. We are urging Montegonians to take advantage of this service to put some cash in their pockets while helping to save the environment," says Hall-Tracey.

The private-public partnership between LASCO Money and Recycling Partners of Jamaica, a non-profit, is part of a larger initiative, branded Recycle Now Jamaica, to build and support national awareness of the need to recycle.

RPJL's recycling facilities in the west are located in Greenwood, Montego Bay, St James, and Whitehall, Negril, Westmoreland.

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