Negril recycling group offers $500K reward for fire info

September 12, 2017
The Negril Recycling Centre which was gutted by fire last Sunday.

The Negril Chamber of Commerce (NCoC) is offering a $500,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of persons whom it is speculated, set fire to the Negril Recycling Centre at Red Ground, leaving eight persons jobless.

According to Mary Viera, director of the NCoC, the fire, which gutted the entire structure, began about 11:30 last Sunday night. Residents saw the blaze and called the fire brigade. However, the structure, which was used to store cardboard for recycling, was engulfed in flames by the time they arrived.

She said the centre, which is under the management of Recycling Partners of Jamaica, collected plastic, styrofoam, glass and cardboard, helping to reduce the amount of garbage which would be taken from the resort properties, to the Retirement landfill in St James.

"Already, the people that had started taking stuff and sorting them saw a big reduction in what they were sending out to the landfills because, of course, they were taking out glass, paper and plastic, and there was less stress on the solid waste system and it was providing work," she explained.

"We were doing training in some of the hotels and we were just about to get a truck organised to do pickup. But we are not going to stop and we will give some super sacks out to the properties that are sorting, so they can continue," Viera added.




Lavern Salmon, chief executive officer of Recycling Partners of Jamaica, told Western Star that the recyclable materials destined for the plant would, for now, be diverted to its sister station in Montego Bay.

"The Negril Chamber of Commerce members and associate members have pledged to store their recyclables for us and have offered assistance as far as trucking it off to MoBay. The structure is totally damaged, so there is nowhere to store anything right now except in the open, and that would not be a good idea," she said.

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