Credit me! - Woman who captured Trench Town rescue video wants recognition

September 14, 2017
Contributed Chrisanne Clarke
Contributed Chrisanne Clarke
Ricardo Makyn/Multi Media Photo Editor Tremayne Brown (left), who rescued Renaldo Reynolds last Friday, hugs the youngster.

Chrissane Clarke, who claims to be the person who captured the now viral video of Tremayne Brown clutching on to Renaldo Reynolds as they were being swept away by rapidly flowing water, moments before the heroic rescue in Trench Town last Friday, wants persons to know that she was the one who pressed the record button.

"If it never video, nobody wouldn't know that it happened. Them woulda just hear say a little boy wash weh, and nobody would have proof. And people woulda say a lie that," she told THE STAR.

Clarke, 25, a teacher employed to Caribbean Maritime Institute, who lectures at the Hydel location, said she was urged by friends and family members to make it known that the video is hers.

"Them say the other day a lady come pon di TV, and dem a say is like she a try tek credit fi the video. So mi co-workers dem a say, 'No man, yuh need fi mek dem know say a you video it'," she said.

She said that she did not intend to record the frightening scenes which she came across while on her way home from work.

"I thought it was gunshot firing cause I see everybody running. I had my phone in my hand because I had just messaged somebody and was just about to put back the phone in the bag. When I went to look, I saw them coming down the gully and I started videoing it," she shared.

After recording the video, Clarke told THE STAR that she uploaded it to her WhatsApp status and sent it to a few persons.


Social media


"The next day somebody call me and say 'Me hear a voice pon a video, a your voice?' And me say which video, and dem say it deh pon Facebook. Mi go pon Facebook, and when me look, mi see the video deh all bout," she said.

And although she is not interested in monetary compensation, she wants persons who posted the video to social media to credit her.

"Of course, I want the persons sharing the video to credit me because a my video. Mi shoulda copyright it because a my video," she said before bursting out in laughter.

"Mi nuh need no reward. The person who a get the reward a di man dem weh do the deed. Dem deserve it," she added.

Clarke said that if persons doubt that the video was recorded by her, she is willing to have them check the time stamp on her phone.

"It inna mi camera roll, and a mi alone have that annoying voice. 'Jesus Christ', a dat them start call me," she said.

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