First Union Foundation awards inaugural Buss A Yute scholarships

September 14, 2017
Buss A Yute Scholarship recipients take a photo with First Union Financial Group executives Andrain Bailey (left), group operations manager, Nicole Jenkins (second left), group chief corporate executive, Sasha Lawla (second right), group marketing and PR manager, and Paulette Josephs, assistant human resources manager.

The First Union Financial Group, through its foundation, has developed an initiative, the Buss A Yute Scholarship Programme, as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The mission is to incite the success of underprivileged youth by creating opportunities available to them, primarily in education.

Of the many applicants, 12 high school students were selected from across Jamaica, to be funded with their back-to-school needs.

The programme is designed to give opportunities to youth that have the ability to shine.

First Union Foundation will be making available part of a $3 million budget towards assisting children who show excellence in education at the secondary level.

The Foundation privately reached out to teachers to assist in finding secondary students who are doing well and have provided financial assistance.

But this year, with the Buss A Yute programme, participation from the general public had much more impact.

To qualify for the scholarships, applicants have to have an 'A' average, have good attendance, should be part of one or more extra-curricular activities, and get two recommendations from a teacher, pastor or community member.

Last Friday, the successful candidates were invited to visit First Union Financial Group's new head office to collect their cheques.

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