My holy water can solve crime - Religious man says police are up against evil forces

September 14, 2017
Marvin Roberts


A man who claims to be a special servant of the Lord said he is on a mission to rid the island of crime and violence by meeting with members of the affected communities and sprinkling his 'holy water' in the troubled areas.

Marvin Roberts, a 58-year-old Seventh-day Adventist, who lives in Kingston, said his first target is east Kingston, particularly Oliver Road and Wareika Hill, which have been plagued by gang violence in recent times.

"That's where Wareika Hill and the people of Oliver Road are being persecuted, but I'm going to turn back that threat anyway," he proclaimed.

"I am going to a church in Norman Gardens because I'm going to do the healing of that community with the holy water. I'm going to see the pastor, and let him know what I'm going to do," Roberts said.

Roberts said there is a special procedure which he intends to follow to carry out his mission.


Dense and 'evilous'


"After I finish praying over the water, I use a cup and flash it and disperse it. Then, in a very short while, you will feel the change in the atmosphere. When I visit those places, the atmosphere feels clouded, dense and 'evilous', but as soon as you let that go, the place starts to shine and the place becomes freer,' he explained.

Roberts, who said he got saved 33 years ago, told THE STAR that he has made it his mission to study how to fight the evil forces that cause crime and violence because it cannot be combated with the police's guns.

"I need to go out there and do it because the police can't do it. The police don't realise that they are up against spiritual forces. It's not the actual gunmen that you see is the primary problem. It is a spiritual condition," he said, while using the Bible to support his claim.

Over the years, Roberts has tried various methods to combat evil forces in the spiritual realm, including using a 'seal', which comprises of a series of Bible verses, names of the affected places, and the name of God, all arranged in concentric circles in a particular order.

"The seal works to a point, but I find the holy water to be more effective, so I go back to that and perfect it," he claimed, adding that anyone doubting his abilities should test it out before they shun it.

He is appealing to persons in crime-affected communities to contact him, so he can assist in the healing of their communities with his holy water.

Marvin Roberts can be contacted at 577-0592.

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