LASCO thief begs judge for six-month sentence

September 16, 2017

A Kingston judge yesterday denied a man his request to be sent to prison, opting instead to send him for psychiatric evaluation.

Jason Edwards, who is accused of shoplifting 12 packs of Lasco, 9 bags of noodles, and 12 porridge mixes and a few Protex soaps from the Cross Roads, Kingston, branch of HILO supermarket, pleaded guilty to simple larceny.

When Parish Judge Chester Crooks quizzed him for his reason for stealing the items, he said: "It was meant to be."

The judge asked him to clarify his statement, and he repeated the comment.

"Economic deprivation cause me to move towards it," he said, much to the amusement of several persons inside the courtroom.

When the judge enquired about his state of mind, Edwards said: "Mi already plead guilty and mi hear say a six months mi fi get, suh mi wouldn't mine running off the time."

Crooks then said he could not take the plea.

Edwards, who was previously out on bail, was ordered to be placed at the Horizon Remand Centre until a psychiatric evaluation is done.

A visibly upset Edwards hissed his teeth at the judge's pronouncement.

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