Parents accused of beating pregnant daughter

September 18, 2017
Pregnant mother

The parents of a pregnant woman were brought before the court after their daughter accused them of abusing her.

The parents, Bernice Chandler and Oswald Chandler, are charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and malicious destruction of property.

When they appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, the parties agreed to work out their difference. They were referred for mediation by Judge Chester Crooks, but not before some soiled linen was publicly exposed.

"A my money dat. A my daughter. Mi wudda never bring mi daughter a court," an upset Bernice Chandler, the mother of the complainant, told the court.

While noting that the matter should not have reach to a situation where the court had to get involved, she said she just wanted the matter to be over.

"She and her husband beat me up when mi pregnant," said the teary-eyed woman, who told the court that she is married and does not live with her parents.

However, she said instead of pursing the matter in court, she decided to have it moved to mediation, to which all parties agreed.

But, Oswald Chandler, while agreeing to settling the dispute in mediation, denied putting his hand on his daughter.

"Mi love her with all a mi heart. Mi never touch her, a just little ignorancy," he said.

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