Condoms galore fished from South Gully

September 19, 2017
Students of the University of Technology, Western Campus, remove garbage from the Fisherman's Beach in Montego Bay, St James.

Hundreds of condoms that were fished from the South Gully as well as beaches along the city's coastline have helped contributed to the 7,471 pounds of garbage recovered across 10 sites in Montego Bay, St James, on Saturday's International Coastal Cleanup Day 2017.

"In addition to plastic bottles and cups, we found condoms, toiletries and baby wipes that won't stop messing up our beaches," said Keisha McNeil, 4-H's parish development officer for St James.

McNeil told the WESTERN STAR that it is important that these items are cleared from the beachfront and gullies before being swept up into the ocean, which is a source of attraction for locals and foreigners alike.

"When we start to have flooding, then we are the same ones who are going to come and complain about the flood in our gullies, communities and town. Montego Bay has beautiful beaches and everybody loves going to the beach, especially during the summer. Nobody wants to go in the water and find garbage floating around them," she said.

Following Saturday's exercise, Montegonians have expressed their commitment to do a better job at properly disposing of their waste.

"See we have we garbage bag yah so, so mi a go drink mi juice yah now and a right in a the garbage me a go throw the bottle. We nah just go dash it pon the beach," said one man who gave his name as Kevin.

Another person, Toni-Ann Bradey, a seafood lover, outlined that she was impressed with the day's activity, considering that the beaches are at stake.

"I consider myself an environmentalist and it's very important, because everything that is improperly disposed of on land ends up in the ocean, and seafood lovers like myself will eat the fish out there and become sick," said Bradey.

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