No report of missing M-16 magazine - senior cop

September 19, 2017

An M-16 magazine was allegedly lost by a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force last Friday.

It is alleged that a group of police officers went to a premises in Arnett Gardens to execute an arrest warrant. While pursuing the man, one eyewitness told THE STAR that an M-16 magazine fell from one of the lawmen.

However, it was not until they had managed to handcuff the individual that the cops raised an alarm of the missing 'clip'.

There are concerns that the magazine may have fallen into the wrong hands.

However, when THE STAR contacted the head of the Kingston West Police Division, Superintendent Howard Chambers, he indicated that he was not aware of the incident as it was not reported.

Chambers said the matter cannot be investigated until it is reported.

He said that there are a number of checks and balances done to ensure that all firearms, magazines, and rounds are accounted for.

"They have weekly inspections at the section level and monthly inspections at the headquarters level. If it is a gun that is not a 'keep and care gun', then checks are done every day because the holder has to hand it in after the shift," he said.

If an officer is unable to account for the gun and ammunition issued, he/she could be liable for hefty sanctions.

Chambers said if any hint of corruption is found when investigating such incidents, there could also be courts of enquiry.

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