Social media personality raises money for 'Trench Town Hero'

September 19, 2017
Renaldo Reynolds (left) with Tremayne Brown.
Shawn Stewart

Even two weeks after Tremayne Brown saved the life of 12-year-old Jones Town Primary School student Renaldo Reynolds when he was being washed away by flood waters in a gully, the tributes and gifts continue to pour in.

Brown's latest gift came from a GoFundMe account set up by social media personality Shawn Stewart, who was so moved by Brown's heroic act that he asked his followers to show their appreciation by donating money to the deportee.

"One of my followers sent me the link of the Tremayne story and when I checked up on it and saw it for myself, I started a GoFundMe because I have that platform and want others who have social media platforms to do likewise and make contributions to various causes," Stewart said.

The goal of the account was to raise US$1,500 (more than J$195,000) and even though it fell short of that target, Stewart is grateful he was able to show Brown that Jamaicans, home, and abroad appreciate his valiant effort.

"We got US$860 (more than J$110,000) and I sent it today (yesterday)," Stewart said.

After Brown received the money, he sent Stewart a video, which is uploaded to Stewart's Facebook page, thanking Stewart and the contributors.

"I just want to thank everyone on behalf of Shawn Stewart and all of his friends for the help and the donations that he has given to me. It shows me that there are a lot of people out there who actually care, and I just want to thank you for everything that you have done for me," Brown said.

Brown, who was deported from the United Kingdom where he was living from he was six years old, was just an unemployed man who was dying for another break in life.

Since his selfless act, he has been offered a job and showered with countless gifts.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness also announced that Brown will be given a national honour.

It is anticipated that Brown could be awarded the Badge of Honour for Gallantry in October, this year, when 171 other Jamaicans will be conferred with national honours.

Renaldo was on his way home from school when he and friends decided to play in the gully's rushing waters.

He, however, got into difficulties and was swept away by the currents from Seventh Street on Collie Smith Drive.

Residents attempted to save the boy but failed. However, Brown ran from the Boys' Town Vocational Training Centre, where he works part-time as a labourer, and jumped into the water clutching the boy.

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