Raw sewage becomes nuisance for motorists

September 20, 2017
Charles Buchanan

The perpetuating sewage problem in downtown Kingston continues to be a nuisance to motorists, as raw sewage is again spewing from a manhole on Port Royal Street.

THE STAR has received complaints from motorists about being splashed with raw sewage as they make their way home in Kingston’s rush hour.

When contacted regarding the problem, Charles Buchanan, head of communication at the National Water Commission, said an investigation has been launched to ascertain what is causing the recent flare-up.

“We are not aware of the system on Port Royal Street, but we are going to investigate,” Buchanan told THE STAR.

Heavy rainfall

Buchanan acknowledged that the problem of sewage overflowing on the streets of downtown Kingston manifests itself during periods of heavy rainfall.

“This happens due to the fact that persons have been illegally and inappropriately interconnected what would be storm waters into the central sewers,” Buchanan said.

“We also have the other problem of solid waste material in a variety of forms, and they are introduced into the sanitary sewers, leading to baggages which lead to overflow.”

He added that Port Royal Street being on the lower end of Kingston's sewer network may also contribute to the problem.


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