Women demanding tongue vibrators

September 21, 2017
A vibrating tongue ring.


Some Jamaican women are lapping up tongue-shaped vibrators to satisfy their sexual needs.

Jasmine Brown, the store manager of Aura Viibe in Portmore, told THE STAR that they stock different types of these vibrators and at least one is sold every day.

"There are two different types. There is one that can go into the mouth and there is another one that you hold in your hand," Brown explained. She said the 'mouth one is for couples but the handheld one is for single persons as well as couples.

However, she said lesbians in particular purchase the vibrator that they hold in their mouths, called a tongue dinger, which is priced at $3,500.

Also in stock are other unique sex toys such as the C string vibrating panties for $9,500 and the Oh Mi Bod vibrating panties, which cost $19,500.

"Some persons wear it to work. The call centre girls, who say that they have a stressful day so they wear it and it is a remote control underwear so they gauge the speed to what they like. Likewise, males purchase it for their females because there is one that go to the beat of the music," she explained.


'USB ones'


Meanwhile, Sekou Bavis, the owner of Cloud 9 Pleasures, said he stocks a few variations of the tongue vibrator that gyrates intensely and may be used to stimulate both vagina and mouth.

"I have several but because of the demand, I have been trying to get some 'USB ones'. They are like tongue-shaped dildos, and you have the smaller ones that kinda about four inches," he told THE STAR.

He said he sells at least two every week since he started advertising the product.

"Both ladies who are single and in a relationship make purchases. In fact, a lot of males purchase for their other half as well. A lot of males buy too, not for funny business, enuh, but for their women," Bavis said.

One female, Keneisha, said she came across the tongue-shaped dildo on the Internet and believes "Them things ya a slowly a replace di man dem".

"Every girl done have a vibrator already suh as a man slip, dem slide now, cause dem thing deh no come with nuh drama. Di only thing that can save a man a if him have money," she said.

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