Mexicans search for missing pets after earthquake

September 23, 2017
Nina eyes the camera while walking through a park in Mexico City yesterday. Nina's owner had to abandon his home after Tuesday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake. She is now being looked after by a friend until her owner can find a place suitable for pets, or is able to return to their home.



Jack is a small white dog who lives in Mexico City and has been missing since a magnitude 7.1 earthquake startled both humans and their pets when it struck early Tuesday afternoon.

"I got lost in the earthquake!!!" a sign with his picture taped to a tree exclaims.

Around Mexico's capital are scattered signs for missing pets, mostly dogs, who their owners believe got scared and escaped in the chaotic moments after the devastating quake.

Rescuers have found some wandering the streets and taken them to shelters. They know they are someone's pet because they are clean, friendly and appear well nourished.

"When a dog has been in the streets for a long time they are dirty and very thin," said Silvia Garcia, the owner of an animal shelter that has taken in seven dogs since the quake. "These dogs are well taken care of."

No one knows for certain how many pets are missing but many of Mexico City's hardest-hit areas are filled with dog-friendly restaurants, parks and upscale groomers. A video of rescuers pulling a Golden Retriever from the rubble of a fallen building went viral the day of the quake. Trained search and rescue dogs are helping volunteers search for signs of life. Countless other animals have had to flee with their owners from buildings still in danger of collapse.

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