Female gangster's death puts community on edge

September 26, 2017
A policeman at a crime scene.

Residents in the east Kingston community of Dunkirk are living in fear and on edge, following the murder of two persons within hours of each other on Sunday and existing threats of more bloodshed.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the killings are linked, as they followed the death of 29-year-old Nikeita McLean of a Cambridge Street, Kingston 16, address, who was killed at about 4:10 a.m.

This incident, according to the residents, led to the death of 23-year-old Karon 'Fresh' Hendricks of Swan Lane, Kingston 16, after men from an area called 'Top Road', armed with high powered weapon, invaded the area.

Our news team visited the community yesterday, and although the movement of residents was minimal, THE STAR came across a few who were able to shed some light on the issue.

"A mafia dat (Nikeita). If yuh see har yuh haffi run. She nuh lef har ting. Everybody know bout har. A she alone do har ting. That's why it so serious cause her friend dem a go hard fi her. Right now, you wouldn't even see we outside. A because police deh bout," a resident said.


Infamous McLean


A police service vehicle was shot up on Sunday when Hendricks' attackers were making their escape and stumbled upon a police team that responded to the sound of gunfire.

The residents, however, were shocked to learn that it was the infamous McLean who was gunned down.

A male resident said: "She nuh come dem side here, enuh, but everybody know her lifestyle. Is a girl invite her down here, and a so she end up down here. You know people a say dem nah go certain place, but somebody weh dem like invite dem, so dem go. Maybe she a say she bad and she nuh fraid fi go nowhere."

THE STAR was told that the information circulating is that thugs are hunting eight women to avenge McLean's killing.

Meanwhile, commerce and public transportation to and from the community have already been affected.

"Dem a say dem want eight fi har, and no woman nuh dead fi dem because is a man (McLean) that dead. All baby pan breast nuh safe. Me a come from town yesterday, and no taxi nuh want fi carry we. The place hot. A more than 100 gunshot fire, enuh," a male resident said.

THE STAR was told that even events and social gathering in the community are being kept to a minimum.

Acting commander of East Kingston police, Deputy Superintendent Robert Walker, told our news team that McLean was on the radar of the police for serious crimes.

"She (McLean) was charged with illegal possession of firearm and wounding with intent," Walker said.

The police told THE STAR that they would be occupying the area to prevent future bloodshed.

In addition, Deputy Superintendent Rory Martin, who is in charge of operations, told our news team that they have taken into custody men whose absence they believe will somewhat alter the criminal activities in the space.

"We are seeing how best we can have them questioned in relation to activities that took place Sunday. We can't promise any charges yet because we are still in the process of collecting statements in respect of both murders," Martin said.

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