Fishing for his bread

September 26, 2017
Lloyd Lewis, a fisherman from Barrett Town, St James, proudly displays his catch, which includes an octopus.


Lloyd Lewis says that he has spent almost all of his life - 40 years - as a fisherman and throughout that time, he has had several scary encounters with a number of dangerous creatures.

"I have been attacked by shark already. Dem just swim up pon me and just grab on pon di string and burst it out of mi hand, and mi just affi head toward shore and swim fi mi life," Lewis, 49, told WESTERN STAR.

The Barrett Town resident was spotted in the community with a sizeable catch last week as he made his way from the sea.

The self-taught fisherman, who, from a tender age, would visit the sea very often, said that he has learnt tricks to stay alive whenever he goes deep-sea fishing.

"When you do the spear fishing and yu have the fish dem, yu can't afford fi mek dem bleed cause if dem bleed and the blood inna the water, yuh get attack by sharks or even barracuda," Lewis said.

Despite the dangers associated with deep-sea fishing, Lewis has not been deterred him from doing it seven days a week as long as the sea is calm and he doesn't have anything important to do. For him, it is fishing that puts bread on his table.

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