Forestry department giving away trees

September 27, 2017
Students of the Holy Family Primary School Briana Cutter (left) and Akiema Ricketts, plant a tree at Breezy Castle at the National Tree Planting Day ceremony in 2013.

The Forestry Department has been giving away an assortment of timber and ornamental tree seedlings. Individuals who want trees may visit the agency's nurseries at its head office, 173 Constant Spring Road; Moneague, St. Ann, adjacent to the JDF Camp; and Williamsfield, Manchester, to collect seedlings for tree-planting projects.

The seedlings are being distributed as part of a project to meet key United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. National Tree Planting Day will be observed on Friday, October 6, under the theme 'Today's Trees, Tomorrow's Future'.

Distribution of the trees, which began on Monday, will continue until Friday, October 13. However, there will be no distribution on Friday so as to facilitate tree-planting activities in observance of the day.

National Tree Planting Day, which is a nationwide observance led by the Forestry Department, is aimed at promoting the value of forests and trees, while providing an opportunity for everyone to contribute to increasing the island's forest cover and beautifying the surroundings by planting trees.

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